for the last few weeks skm have been working on angles here are some angles that we’ve been learning about
Right angle
Straight angle

These are the angles we have been learning for these few weeks most  angles that we are learning are from 90 degrees to 180 degrees.

we are making angles then we are measuring them to find the degrees. We are covering hard but fun work we are all given a challenge every week with angles and with every match topic.

Habib’s Talk

on Friday we did a talk about refugees. habib, refugee was talking about he experience to Australia he told us about how he got to Australia he told us about the detention center and how he felt  being away from home and his family. he wants to go visit his family next year. he tried to smuggle into Australia several  times but never with success the last time his boat even sank leaving him on a part of the wreckage for three days

First aid

On Thursday, we came back to  class, to our surprise we had first aid. We sat down and Michlle asked us some questions and told us what DRSABC meant. The D stands for danger, The R stands for Response, S Send for help, A stands for air way B breathing, C stands for CPR.

1.This is how to put them into recover put one of the hands out.

2. Put the opposite Hand on the belly put your knee to hold it there.

3. Put your hands on their neck and roll them over.

4. Put the leg into a L shape to keep them stable.

5.put your fingers on their chin and for head and tilt their head so the blood/vomit come out.

imageThat’s how you put them in a recovery position.


My reflection for the semester

this semester is good but could be better. We could do more funner things and we could do more science experiments. We could play more games outside. and we should do blue earth with some other classes. I suggest that we interact with different classes. one we made balloon towers our team came second ours didn’t even stand up but we still came second.

In term one we got to know each other more but i already new most of them. Term two we did the fun run I came 14th. we went to the high school to do science experiments with our finger prints.